Jesse Ramirez



It just hit midnight June 13 and I'm busy busy busy working on videos, particularly wedding promos. They should be up on this site as I shuffle through the takes. Thank you for your patience through this. I've been very fortunate to be busy with teaching and live music events, I'm just getting to the recording phases of this project, but it's going to be worth the wait! 



May 2015 Celtic Festivals


Just want to send a notice that Conlan, the McKinney based Celtic band I'm directing is going to play at the Allen Arts Festival Friday May 8th and the Scottish Festival Saturday May 9th in Arlington, TX 


Times will be posted as soon as verified. 


Brunch: McKinney, TX


Join us this Sunday at Churchill's pub for the Conlan band as they provide music for the Brunch crowd. These students are the new Celtic band I'll be directing in conjunction with the North Texas Irish School of Music. 

So far music is lined up every other Sunday, starts at 10:30am




Don't forget to click on the Youtube link on the web page!! I posted several videos from my Master's recital at UNT and I hope you enjoy and share them widely! 

The audio page will also be updated with recent clips featuring wedding music, and classical guitar pieces, along with a few other tunes thrown in there! Keep an eye out for updates to this page April-June 2015

As always, Thank you for your support!


NEWS: April 23, 2014


I just want to invite everyone to the page who might of not seen it before. The old domain is no longer in effect and will be the official site name for a long time starting now. In addition to the new look, and domain, I also want to take some time to get updated recordings for everything classical guitar. These first recordings were done at the beginning of my undergraduate career and I now have a new guitar and better technique to go along with it. The new music will yield higher quality all around. These projects will start after my spring semester at The University of North Texas (May 2014) 


NEWS: Audio Recordings


Thank you for visiting this site. Although the site is launched and ready for viewing, there still needs to have lots of audio added. I'll be getting to that between July 22nd- August 15th. Pieces will be added as they are recorded so keep checking back between those dates.